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yeah. so i've made some icons.
made using;
adobe photoshop 7.0
jasc paintshop pro 7.0
jasc animation shop 3.0


one anna paquin | lyric taken from walk away.
two mila kunis | lyric taken from don't know why.
three shane west | text of my own creation.
four amber benson | quote taken from buffy the vampire slayer.
five dominic monaghan as merry brandybuck.


these icons were made by request for rabidninjakoala.

one 'stoney' | text provided by rabidninjakoala.
two anna paquin | lyric provided by rabidninjakoala, taken from hotel california.


personal icon.

one luke kirby | text inspired by mambo italiano, clip taken from mambo italiano.


let me know what you think

comment if you are taking any of the five available icons. icons made for specific livejournals or my own use are unavailable for use. remember to credit me in your keywords.


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