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5 more icons.

one: jamie bell as billy elliot + stuart wells as michael caffrey in billy elliot. [ text of my own creation. ]
two: fairuza balk. [ lyric taken from superstar. ]
three: jennifer tilly. [ text of my own creation. ]
four: elijah wood. [ lyric taken from emotion. ]
five: amber benson as tara maclay in buffy the vampire slayer. [ lyric taken from emotion. ]


requested icons.

one: cartoon. [ image + text supplied by bastett666. ]
two: ewan mcgregor as christian in moulin rouge! [ quote taken from moulin rouge! ]
three: charlie hunnam. [ image + text provided by futile_wish. ]
four: d'arcy wretzky-brown. [ image + lyric provided by luna_chick. ]


the requested icons are not available for use by any livejournal user other than whom they were made for.

let me know what you think. credit in keywords + comment.

requests welcome.


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